Great review for Bottoms Up: Spanking Good Stories

I’m thrilled with this review of Bottoms Up: Spanking Good Stories from Kaye Cloutman at Sacramento Book Review:

Bottoms Up is undeniably a treat for one who loves to fantasize about the pain and pleasure of spanking. This collection of lustful stories ranges from mild sadomasochistic to the hardcore bondage and discipline tales of these otherwise common-looking people who have a very unconventional desire. Personally, erotic submission has always intrigued me. How much gratification can an act of surrender really give oneself? Why is it that a woman who is on her knees with her hands tied behind her back is actually in control when going down on a man? How can humiliation cause such wild orgasms for the humiliated? In a fast-paced world, one can all too easily be drawn into a routine, mundane life. Break away from that some time and arouse yourself mentally, stimulate your sensuality and spark up those little embers of desire within you once more. Sneak away into a quiet place and indulge yourself with some literary quickies from 20 concupiscent authors and just let go… Great sex, whether in ordinary forms, or replete with all the ingredients for deviation, begins with a clear and submissive mind. Let Bottoms Up provide you with a contemplative foreplay for that.


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