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“Spanking for Soccer Moms” by Donna George Storey

July 27, 2009

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Guest post by Donna George Storey, crossposted at the Bottoms Up: Spanking Good Stories blog.

Spanking for Soccer Moms
by Donna George STorey

To look at me–a mild-mannered, cookie-baking soccer mom–you’d never guess I enjoy receiving and giving a good spanking. According to almost every popular magazine article, women like me don’t have much sex at all, much less take an occasional dance on that fascinating tightrope dividing pain and pleasure, submission and liberation.

My husband and I had been married about two years and were still in our twenties when he first spanked me. I was riding him cowgirl style and suddenly smack! My eyes shot open and I stopped mid-thrust. No sooner had the words “what the hell are you doing?” taken shape in my head, then they were quickly replaced by “wow, that feels great, do it again.” Without any real words exchanged, my husband instinctively understood my desire and continued to spank me on toward a very hot orgasm.

You might wonder what happened next to this ordinary suburban couple after their first taste of non-vanilla sex. Did we immediately rush out to invest in a collection of flogging instruments worthy of The Story of O, frequent dungeons and Eyes Wide Shut sex parties, and sign up for nudist, swingers’ cruises? That’s the way the story goes in most erotic novels and porn flicks.

But in our real life, consensual erotic spanking merely became an occasional treat when we were in the mood for something edgier. The blows were never punishing, they never left marks—it was just enough to get the nerve endings singing. Sometimes I’d spank him while I gave him a blowjob because, you know, only bad boys let girls suck their cocks. He perfected the technique of spanking my tender spots just hard enough to make them warm and tingly. Later we found that spanking is an excellent garnish to imaginative bedroom power games of all kinds, a heady infusion of spice to any long-term relationship (not to mention the benefits of a “naughty schoolgirl” outfit, which is a great bargain on November 1).

Not to take anything from the dedicated spanking aficionados with a closet full of paddles and crops, but just as signing up for tennis lessons doesn’t imply you will or should be a contender at Wimbledon, an occasional flirtation with “rough caresses” doesn’t mean you have to remodel your life on the movie Secretary. Although, of course, there’s nothing to stop you if you want to!

Still, some of us aren’t quite ready to take it that far. So if you happen to be inspired to do a little hands-on experimentation after reading one of the hot stories in Bottoms Up, I say go for it one scintillating smack at a time. Even if you’re a cookie-baking soccer mom, the type all the magazines say isn’t supposed to have any fun in bed.

Believe me, you’ll have a great time proving them wrong.

Donna George Storey is the author of the erotic novel, Amorous Woman, which naturally includes a spanking scene. Read more at her website:

Bottoms Up: Spanking Good Stories contributor interview with Elizabeth Coldwell

July 27, 2009

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Name: Elizabeth Coldwell

What inspired your “A Firm Understanding” story in Bottoms Up?

I’d recently received a couple of copies of a publication called Corporal Contacts to write about in Forum magazine. They’re put together by Rupert Pendragon, who I’d interviewed for the mag several years earlier. He specialises in offering old-fashioned discipline to men, particularly those who have a fantasy about being chastised by a strict schoolmaster or head prefect (yes, it’s a very English thing…), and Corporal Contacts is full of stories and contact ads on that topic, as well as army discipline and similar scenarios which involve young men with pert bottoms being spanked/caned/slippered by older men. It’s a real old-school (no pun intended) type of publication, photocopied, stapled and full of fuzzy photos of cute, semi-naked young men being punished. Though I’m not in the target readership, you can see why I might enjoy leafing through it! Corporal Contacts inspired me to write a male/male spanking story, but I wanted to write it from the point of view of a woman who’s watching the action, because most spanking stories are either about the person giving the spanking or the one receiving it, and it’s nice to add a bit of voyeurism to the mix once in a while.

How long did it take you to write it?

Once I had the idea, it all came together quite quickly – it was probably finished in two or three sessions of writing over the course of a weekend.

What is your favorite paragraph in your story?

For a moment, Sergeant Sterne placed the plimsoll on his desk, deliberately in Stephen’s eyeline, as though to remind him of what was to come. He reached for the waistband of the shorts, unfastening them briskly and yanking them down. Stephen had been instructed to wear nothing beneath them, and as his buttocks were revealed I could clearly see the vivid, rosy imprints of the plimsoll’s sole on his pale flesh.

How is this story different from/similar to your other work?

I haven’t really done much male/male CP before now, though I certainly will again in the future. It’s similar to my other work in that I like to explore the relationship the characters have and if and how it changes during the course of the spanking or other sexual encounter. One of the points I wanted to make in “A Firm Understanding” is that men often feel they have to be strong and macho in front of a woman, but that they can actually become stronger when they can admit to be being vulnerable, as when they’re receiving a spanking.

What’s your favorite spanking erotica you’ve ever read?

Ooh, the amount of good spanking erotica available is increasing all the time. If you want a taster of the depth and variety of current spanking fiction, I don’t think you can go wrong with your previous Cleis anthology, Spanked. You’re bound to find a story in there you like.

What are you working on next?

I’m in the middle of a story about a woman who gets into a relationship with a man who’s obsessed with stockings. It doesn’t have a home as yet, but I’d like to think someone will pick it up…