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Bottoms Up: Spanking Good Stories out now; excerpt from “The Purple Balloon”

July 22, 2009

Bottoms Up: Spanking Good Stories is out now! Stay tuned for news on how you can WIN a paddle perfect for spanking or getting spanked this Monday, July 27th.

For now, here’s an excerpt from Tess Danesi’s story “The Purple Balloon.”

I began to caress the balloon to my cheek, let it glide down to my hard, dusky nipples and belly the way I had done so many times in my head. It was so close to my sex, to my aching clit and cunt, that I felt the static jump between the thin latex and my few fine blonde pubic hairs. I parted my thighs even farther, losing any self-consciousness for one all too quick moment, as the balloon touched my sensitized clit and I gasped, the sound of my voice bringing me back to the humiliating reality of where I was; naked and splayed and dripping wet in front of a completely dressed stranger; a stranger who I’d paid for the privilege of being humiliated by. I started to close my legs when Madeline’s hand alighted on the warm, dewy skin of my thigh. If I had thought that the balloon generated electricity, her gentle touch and the single word she spoke, “No,” were like a surge in voltage.

“You are indeed a very nasty girl, Kate. Spread out for me like a little tramp and enjoying it, too. I can see how wet you are. Wet like only a true slut would be. I can see just how desperately you need to be punished.”

She got up from her chair and stood peering down at me for a moment before extending her hand to me and helping me, on trembling legs, to my feet. She led me around to the back of the desk, and bent me over at the very corner so that my groin was pressed right up against the worn old wood edge. I wanted to press myself into it, I was so desperate to come I thought I would die, but I didn’t dare. My pulse quickened, knowing I was seconds away from having her spank me, spank me while telling me how bad I was, how I needed a firm hand.

“I’m going to begin now,” she started, “with my hand. You’ll get ten strokes. I expect you to stay completely still for those. There will be plenty of time for you to writhe about when we advance to the other instruments. Do you understand?”

“Yes Ma’am,” I said, having fallen comfortably into this way of addressing her.

The first time her hand made contact with my pert, round ass, it was almost gentle. I felt her open palm and splayed fingers distributing the soft impact. I sighed in relief and I held still as she commanded. The next was in the same spot, again a light touch. It didn’t hurt; it smarted. It became more and more difficult to remain still with each progressive stroke, but I did and it filled me with an odd sense of accomplishment. Each of those first ten strokes were in exactly the same place, each successively harder until it did hurt, but the harsher slaps made my cunt grind harder into the corner of the desk, filling me with the sensation of pain and pleasure all at once, making me know I would lose my mind if I couldn’t come. Then she began again on the other cheek until I felt as though the heat radiating from my crimson ass was warming the entire room. But that was only the beginning.

Read the rest in Bottoms Up: Spanking Good Stories and read more of Tess’s work on her blog